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  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha
  • Doha English Speaking School (DESS) is one of the oldest British schools in Doha


Our Staff

DESS enjoys the support of a highly effective group of friendly, motivated and well-qualified team of professionals. Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Administration and Caretaking staff cooperate as one team to deliver the DESS vision. Sean Sibley (Headteacher), Charlotte Molloy (Deputy Headteacher), Ashrafa Mohmed (Assistant Headteacher) and Neil Macfarlane (Business Manager) work closely with the School Management Team (SMT) and other teams to consider and oversee school development to ensure that DESS continues as a best in class British primary school in Qatar.

All of our teachers have UK recognised teaching qualifications and have all taught in 'English National Curriculum' schools prior to working at DESS. Teachers and Teaching Assistants continuously develop their skills by entering into programmes of professional development thus keeping abreast of all educational developments in the UK.

These talented people make DESS the happy and thriving place that it is.

Senior Leadership and Administration Staff

Senior Leadership: Neil Macfarlane, Ashrafa Mohmed, Sean Sibley, Charlotte Molloy
Administration: Margaret Ainger, Nicola Murray, Janine Al-Darwish, Deborah Horn, Abbey Allen, Meena Hunjan, Jasmeet Bhamra, Sarah May, Fiona Younger, Susan Macfarlane, Claire Smith, Lara Kirkpatrick, Sara Mohamed, Athique Shahin
Learning Support Staff

Edie Swartz, Fiona Murphy, Emma Hayles, Rosy O'Brien, Adam Ridealgh, Yvonne Hayes, Elaine Wills, Femie Patel, Sandra Bettit
Foundation Stage 1 Staff

Helen Davison, Adelle Pheby, Carole Frazer, Hollie Kelly, Shereen Hassan, Sam Bailey, Emma Payne, Mandy Coombe, Natalie Saville, Felicity Pate, Amy Jones, Karen Cope

Foundation Stage 2 Staff

Fowzia Mohamed, Sasha Ristic, Agata Thompson, Aisha Dafalla, Liz Holloway, Rachel Morgan, Tracy Frame, Chantelle Hurley

Year 1 Staff

Louise Campbell, Zhila Moradi-Sani, John Gee, Yannique Slinn, Sarah Harper, Amanda Greenhough, Lisa Antink, Shefa Obaid

Year 2 Staff

Adam Ridealgh, Tracey Flanagan, Edie Schwartz, Tonia Mullins, Colette Forrest-John, Sahar Modasser, Hayley Saxon, Alison Taylor, Catherine Anderson, Kris Saville

Year 3 Staff
Emma Cywinski, Kate Bee, Laura Wilson, Luke Morgan, Alexis Mannion, Mary Barclay

Year 4 Staff

Nadia Eneser, Rachel Price, Sally-Ann Smith, Kirsty Farrell, Kate MacGillicuddy, Kathy Rangeley
Year 5 Staff

Ann Lawlor, Eleanor Hanrahan, Clifton Wilson, Aaron Bradley, Lara Buck, Julie Richards

Year 6 Staff

Amisha Thakrar, Michael McHugh, Catherine Francis, Hugh Molloy, Holly Williams

Music Department
Lou Copeland, Julie Chapman


Arabic: Ghenwa Younes, Sanaa Selim, Salwa Abusalih








French: Christabel Caplen, Dana Salloum

PE Staff
Sukhvinder Vaid, Ann Kind, Neal Gough, Sammie Lyon, Natalya Christie

Library Staff

Rachel Hunton, Joanne Kelley-Quinn, Helen Swindell
Caretaking Staff

Mohammad Kalathingal, Ismial Nadammal Thazha, Veeran Kutty Kalangadan, Abdul Khayoom Thale Kunnath, Salahudeen Naduvila Valappil, Afsal Nadammal Thazha

Maintenance Staff

Subash Poukrel, Peter Cabudol, Rommel Bustamante, Raul Agapay, Charlie Benitez, Loreto Alfon, Anthony Chayenia
Security Staff

(standing left to right): Morris Ouma, Aisha Hadijah, Siraj Roba, Edward Owuor, Unesmus Kiily, Charles Bushra, George William
(sitting left to right): Noauh Abdul, Abdela Roba, Hashim Musa