Pastoral Care

It is of utmost importance that your child is happy at school and at Doha English Speaking School we foster a secure and nurturing environment for your children to learn within.  We firmly believe that happy children learn better and feeling happy in their learning environment helps your child to reach their full potential.

At DESS we work to create an environment where children have respect and care for others, make friendships and an environment where expectations of behaviour are high. There are opportunities for children to make friends across the school in their class and Year Groups, sports teams, after school activities and other opportunities that offer children leadership roles at the school such as the DESS School Council. 

Health and well-being is a priority at DESS.  We have one school nurse, a Safeguarding Team and a full-time Health and Safety Officer who is responsible for all aspects of health and safety at the school.   Online safety is also very important, we raise awareness of online safety at school with both parents and children. DESS also provides lessons in PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) as part of the core curriculum. Lessons in which children learn important social life skills such as what is means to be a good friend and how to take care of their health and their bodies.

We also offer something very unique at DESS, a dedicated "Learning Mentor" for parents and children. She provides a link between the school and home, offering guidance on aspects which expats in particular may find challenging such as transitioning between countries or schools as well as other important aspects of social and emotional well-being at school. For more details about our Learning Mentor, please click on our leaflet below.