What People Say About Us

We have been DESS parents for eight years and feel very lucky that our children have had a chance to be part of the school. DESS offers a very welcoming and supportive environment. There is a strong community feel and the wide range of nationalities at the school enable our children to have an international experience while following our curriculum of choice (British). Our children have thrived academically and socially and have been given some wonderful opportunities to participate in sporting, cultural and music events that have enriched their school and personal lives immensely. If we have had any concerns, which is normal for any parent, we have felt listened to and happy that our views are given consideration with the needs of the children as the focus. The teachers at DESS are very committed and we have been impressed at how well they get to know our children. Someone recently asked our son what his favourite thing about school was and his answer was “We learn a lot of cool things and best of all my teacher makes us laugh every single day.” We really could not ask for more than that!

Mr & Mrs Allan

Many words can be used to describe why we chose DESS but the phrase that best fits is ‘it felt right’ from the very beginning. Having to relocate from a country where our children had spent their first years, and all in the same school, meant we were faced with a tough task. Choosing DESS though wasn’t difficult because we were aiming for one of the best schools in Doha.
What sets DESS apart is the school’s environment. Be it the school’s staff, the children, the parents, the DESS Community and the school events that bring everyone together, the facilities, the colourful classrooms with their own little gardens and the winding paths.....everything about the school is special! 
There is a palpable sense of excitement and happiness about it. The children are happy, polite, eager and there is a real joy in learning. Every day is a fun day and every second is a learning experience. Each and every child is special and unique and that means all the children stand out in one way or the other. 
Learning at DESS is dynamic. It is not all about numbers and letters but rather about the whole picture of children growing up to be responsible and caring adults, true citizens of the world.
Our children have thrived at DESS and we truly couldn’t have made a better choice and as our children say ‘DESS is the best’!

MR & MRS Gawish

The moment we arrived at DESS we felt like part of the family. After receiving a tour from the Headteacher himself, who showed a real passion for learning with a great vision for the school, we met with Administration Staff who were extremely polite and helpful and managed our application quickly and efficiently offering advice throughout the whole process, not just on schooling but the move to Qatar in general.
The learning environment at DESS is bright and colourful with recent work from the children, which our children are always so proud to show off. The little gardens was a favourite for our daughter in Foundation Stage. Being able to go outside and play in the water, mud or just to be in the outdoors was fantastic and an experience she took real pleasure in.
The teaching staff at DESS are always very approachable and are always happy to offer advice when needed; they are so full of energy and really get the children motivated on the topic. I love the way the methods the school uses to make the learning come to life using themed days to expand their understanding.
Our son’s confidence has grown so much over his time at DESS and our daughter has really developed a love for learning. We feel proud to be part of the DESS family and we know our children are at a place where they are safe, happy and having fun!

MR & Mrs Hurley

Last year we were lucky enough to be able to move our children to DESS and it was the best decision we could have made. Not only is the excellent level of education clear to see with teachers that are nurturing while providing the structure and support needed but the wonderful sense of community was evident from their very first day. We are proud to be DESS parents.

Mr & MRS Ahmed

I just wanted to take a moment to say an enormous ‘thank you’ to you and your team for organising and hosting the DESS 40th Anniversary Ball. It was a wonderful evening which my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed attending.
Listening to Mr Savage (Headteacher at DESS in 1979) and hearing him speak so passionately about the school and its community made me realise that from the beginning DESS has always been a special place. It’s not just a school, it’s somewhere children, teachers and parents alike build friendships and make lasting memories.
DESS is something very special which is why myself and so many others give so much time and support the school where we can. I really do not think there is a school community like it anywhere else in Doha.
Thank you for everything you do to continue making DESS what it is. Also a big ‘thank you’ to your staff who help create such a nurturing environment for our little people grow in.
I think primary school years are such a special time in a child’s life and can have an impact on their views and feelings towards education beyond their primary years. I know my son will always have fond and happy memories of his time at DESS which will stay with him for years to come.

Mrs Benson