Admissions Procedure

At DESS our application process is open throughout the academic year however, at times we do have Waiting Lists in some Year Groups.

If the Year Group you wish to apply for is open please complete the online application form and attach the required documentation as indicated. 

If a the Year Group Waitlist becomes too long we will close it for a short period of time until the Waitlist reduces; if the Waitlist you require currently shown as closed below please keep checking this page as it will be updated as soon as it reopens.

Applications for Academic Year 2019/20

Online Application Status English Year Group Date of Birth should be between Age of child should be between
CLOSED Foundation Stage 1 1 Sept 15 – 31 Aug 16 3 - 4 years
CLOSED Foundation Stage 2 1 Sept 14 – 31 Aug 15   4 - 5 years
CLOSED Year 1 1 Sept 13 – 31 Aug 14   5 - 6 years
CLOSED Year 2 1 Sept 12 – 31 Aug 13   6 - 7 years
British Passport holders now being taken to join our Waitlist Year 3 1 Sept 11 – 31 Aug 12   7 - 8 years
British Passport holders now being taken to join our Waitlist Year 4 1 Sept 10 – 31 Aug 11   8 - 9 years
British Passport holders now being taken to join our Waitlist Year 5 1 Sept 09 – 31 Aug 10 9 - 10 years
Applications now being taken to join our Waitlist Year 6 1 Sept 08 – 31 Aug 09   10 - 11 years

Applications will be reviewed and assessments will be carried out at the school’s discretion.

  • We do not accept children “Out of Year Group” therefore their designated Year Group should always correlate with the dates of birth as shown above regardless of which country/curriculum they are moving from.
  • 2019 - 2020 Applications
    Our waitlists are automatically rolled over on an annual basis therefore:
    1. If the Year Group you require is shown as: 'Year 2 - Academic Year September 2019-2020 - Applications from British passport holders only now being taken to join our Waitlist' this also means that when this Year Group becomes Year 3 for Academic Year September 2020-2021, applications will also be taken from British passport holders only.
    2. If the Year Group you require is shown as 'CLOSED' for Academic Year 2019-2020, the Waitlist for the next Year Group will also be closed for Academic Year 2020-2021. e.g. 'Year 1 - Academic Year September 2019-2020 - CLOSED' also means that when this Year Group becomes Year 2 for Academic Year September 2020-2021, the Waitlist is also CLOSED. If the Year group you require has a CLOSED Waitlist, we will not accept your application.

DESS operates all Admissions under its Assessment Charter  

Admission Assessment Charter

Academic Year 2019/20:

Priority Placement: Year 1 to 6: The Headteacher and Board of Governors reserve the right to give a child priority when on the waitlist if they demonstrate excellence within their academic achievement. Excellence is defined as achieving standards within the top 10% of their peers at DESS (Please refer to Section 2.4 of the Foundation Stage 2 - Year 6 Admissions Policy). If you wish your child to be considered for a priority placement, please contact our Registrar:

All children must be in possession of a valid Qatari Residency Permit before starting school in Qatar.

Corporate Sponsorship:
DESS have a number of options for Corporate sponsored school places available. If you or your organisation are interested in speaking to someone regarding these options, please contact our Marketing Manager, Lara Kirkpatrick, Mobile: 3052 9847 or

Admissions Procedure Checklist Part 1

1. Application form completed

2. Uploaded DESS Parental Questionnaire for FOUNDATION STAGE 1 ONLY

FS1 Parental Questionnaire

3. Uploaded DESS Progress Report for YEARS 1 to 6 ONLY

DESS Progress report

4. Uploaded current or most recent School Report

5. Uploaded Identity Documents: Sponsor's passport and Qatari Residency Permit(QRP)

6. Child's Passport and QRP if available

7. Please upload Company Family Sponsorship Letter (ONLY IF QRPs ARE UNAVAILABLE)

Company Family sponsorship letter

8. 2 x Passport size photographs of child

Admissions Procedure Checklist Part 2

At a later date please complete the following documents in electronic format:

Pupil Health Record 2019 or complete through Google Docs: