Admissions Procedures

Moving your child to a new school and country is stressful enough, so we have tried to make our application process as simple as possible.

Step 1 - Familiarise yourself with the process

We have gathered all pertinent information relating to our admissions process in one area. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Admissions Information as it should answer many of the questions you may have.

Step 2 - Compile necessary documents

Before starting the online application process, please ensure that you have compiled the following information and documents in digital format. 

To make your own copy of the document templates linked to below, please click on the link to open the file then select "File" then "Download"  from the menu in the newly opened browser tab.

  1. Most recent School Report
  2. FS1 and FS2 Parental Questionnaire - FS1 and FS2 pupils only
  3. Sponsor's passport
  4. Sponsor's Qatar Residence Permit
  5. Child's passport
  6. Child's Qatar Residence Permit (if available)
  7. Company Family Sponsorship Letter - If QRP's are unavailable
  8. Passport size photo of child
  9. Child's Immunisation Records
  10. Pupil Health Record - upon completing this online form a pdf file will be emailed to you for uploading during the application process.

Step 3 - Submit online application

Proceed to our Application Form and select the relevant academic year and applicable year group as per the birthday date ranges outlined. Please note that you will require the above information in order to submit the online application form, so please ensure you have gathered all this before you start. Before your child is invited for assessment, we will reach out directly to your child’s current school for a Reference to be completed.  You will be required to provide an email address on the application form.  This School Reference will be sent directly from the School to DESS.

Please note, Qatari nationals, Platinum Corporate Sponsored families and British diplomats should contact the school Registrar if they wish to apply for a year group with a currently closed waiting list.

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