Leaving DESS

When withdrawing your child from DESS, please follow the guidelines as outlined below:

  1. It is the parent’s responsibility to submit ONE MONTH'S NOTICE IN WRITING before the end of the last academic term attended by your child, excluding holidays.
  2. Written notice must be submitted to the Registrar via hard copy or email Registrar by completing and submitting the Leavers Notification Form. The Leavers Notification Form should be dated stating your child’s full name, current class, last day of school at DESS and where you are moving to.
  3. Where companies are billed directly for school fees, it is still the responsibility of the parent to give DESS the required notice period in writing.
  4. If a written withdrawal notice has not been submitted to DESS, and the next academic term’s school fees remain unpaid 14 days after fees are due, your child’s place will be withdrawn without further notice by the Business and Development Director and the Principal.

If you require invigilation of any external test papers for your child’s new school, please complete the Application to Sit External Examination Form and return it to the Registrar in the school office.