Term Dates

The academic year 2022 - 2023 is structured differently from other academic years due to the World Cup taking place in Qatar in November/ December 2022. The academic year is divided into three terms, commencing in mid August 2022. School will break up for a 6 week period during the World Cup and will recommence for the start of the Spring term on January 2nd 2023.

Term Dates 2022/2023

Autumn Term 2022

 Term commences:        14th August 2022
 Half term:  28th September - 29th September 2022
 Term ends:  17th November 2022

Spring Term 2023

 Term commences:        2nd January 2023
 Half term:  14th February - 16th February 2023
 Spring Break:  9th April 2023
 Term ends:  13th April 2023

Summer Term 2023

 Term commences:        30th April 2023
 Term ends:  26th June 2023

Term Dates 2023/2024

Autumn Term 2023

 Term commences:        27th August 2023
 Half term:  22nd October - 26th October 2023   (inclusive)
 Term ends:  14th December 2023
 Winter Break:  17th December 2023 - 2nd January 2024   (inclusive)

Spring Term 2024

 Term commences:        3rd January 2024
 Half term:  13th February - 15th February 2024   (inclusive)
 Holiday:  31st March 2024 (single day)
 Term ends:  8th April 2024
 Eid Ul Fitr*:  9th April - 13th April 2024
 Spring Break:  14th April - 18th April 2024 (inclusive)

Summer Term 2024

 Term commences:        21st April 2024
 Term ends:  13th June 2024


* Dates subject to change